written by ethan

Make Time for Quiet Contemplation

You’re busy. I get it. We all are.

And that’s okay because you’re doing important things.

But guess what?

Life’s not going to get any less busy anytime soon.

So let’s implement a simple life lesson we can apply right now that will help us get more done in life and free up more time to do the things we love.

Schedule thirty minutes on your calendar next week for quiet contemplation. 

Scheduling time to do what you love can make all the difference in the world.

Here’s why: we’re constantly distracted.

We have so much stuff to do in our lives. We’re always doing something: from daily responsibilities to the endless string of emails and keeping up with Facebook feeds. We are exposed to doing-and-consuming overload, which causes mental and emotional clutter. The result?

We end up doing a lot of things that aren’t really important to us

We can better focus on what’s important by placing important things on our calendar. And if later on something comes up that’s more important than quiet contemplation?

That’s okay. Reschedule it.

So the first step is set aside thirty minutes for quiet contemplation next week. This means:

Go somewhere quiet and comfortable.

  • Turn off your phone, television, and distractions.
  • Grab a pad and pencil.
  • Don’t even think about Wi-Fi!

Try and schedule this sometime after Tuesday next week. This will give you enough time to place it on your calendar without feeling rushed. On Tuesday morning, I will publish your “homework” assignment to conduct during your quiet contemplation period.

Can’t wait until Tuesday? I don’t blame you. Download My Simple Guide to Discovering Your Passions and Live a More Fulfilling Life to get a sneak preview on the next step 😉