written by ethan

How to Live A More Fulfilling Life

Would you to like spend more time in life pursuing your passions, accomplishing your life’s goals, and experiencing all of the wonderful things that bring you happiness?


Of course you would. Well, guess what?


It’s easier than you think.


It’s really just a two-step process. The first step is to articulate your life’s goals, identify your personal and professional passions, and distill them down into your core values. You can do so by completing the simple exercises found in those links. My core values, for example, are exploring, traveling, reading, writing, public speaking, helping others, teaching, social media law, and spending time people I care about. Yours may be different, but you get the idea.


So how will core values help you live a more fulfilling life?


You will be happier and experience more satisfaction in life if you spend more time on your core values.


Understanding your core values helps you better evaluate how to spend your time in life, what to leave in, and what to leave out.


When faced with a difficult decision in life, big or small, simply choose the path that more closely follows your core values and passions.


I like to think of core values and passions as the mountains on the horizon.


If you chart a path that takes you closer to that horizon, happiness will follow. 


Now, allow me to blow your mind for a second.


You see, I haven’t looked at your list of your values. I may not even have any idea who you are. But I’m willing to be the following statement is true:


Making Money is Not One of Your Core Values

Does that surprise you?


Because if making money is not that important to you, then consider whether the time you spend in life is more in line with your pursuing your passions or in an effort to make money.


Too many people spend most of their time working in a job or career they don’t like, just to chase money or success. They believe that with money, they can buy happiness, or save it for years down the road and when they finally “make it” then they’ll finally slow down and enjoy life.


If this sounds like you, I want you to consider whether this really makes you happy.


If the answer is no: then think about what adjust you could make to spend more time on your core values and in line with your passions instead of just making money.


So what can you do right now to live a more fulfilling life?


Just Spend More Time Doing What You Love


Take another look at your core values, passions, and interests. Evaluate how you are currently spending your time.


Look at your calendar. How much time are you spending doing the things that make you happy?


The key to more fulfillment in life is focusing on what’s important and eliminating the rest.


If you get rid of the extraneous stuff like watching television, surfing the web, or following the same routine, what do you have left? Just the important stuff. Just the stuff you really love to do.


That’s just it. Spend more time doing those things you love.


You’ll be happy that you did.


If you’d like to learn more about pursuing your passions in life, or interested in sharing these lessons with a friend, you can download my simple guide to discovering your passions and live a more fulfilling life.